Welcome to the home of the Upstate Miata Owners Club.

We are a group of Miata owners who share a passion for open air driving. We get together three times a month to take drives to interesting destinations.

The club was the brainchild of Mark Bergman who we honor here as he had the drive, creativity and resourcefulness to start this club and allow all of us to enjoy the camaraderie and adventure in the most successful roadster of all time. Thank you Mark.

Here is a downloadable flyer that you can sneak under the wipers of Miatas that you find in your travels so that we may grow the club.  Miata Flyer 2017

To join our mailing list please use the “Contact Us” link

WARNING: Driving with the Upstate Miata Owners Club may be addicting and may lead to an overwhelming desire for sunshine, blue skies, and the open road. Side effects may include elation, lightheadedness, and deferral of common activities of daily living. Drivers with manual transmissions may, in addition, experience left-foot cramping, soreness of the right arm and hand, and neck stiffness following spirited driving on winding roads. If you experience elation lasting more than 8 hours, check your fuel gauge. Individuals with a preference for solitary driving or with a lack of passion for driving or for the Mazda MX-5 Miata are advised to avoid engaging in activity with the Upstate Miata Owners Club. Those seeking twisty roads, stimulating destinations, and camaraderie are encouraged to participate. If you have any questions, consult your mechanic.

Driving Matters