About Us

Upstate Miata Owners Club is a group of Mazda Miata enthusiasts dedicated to the experience of the open road in the Miata. We get together three times a month during the driving season. Our format includes the following monthly recurring events:

  • Weeknight Drive & Dine – a one hour spirited drive on interesting country roads ending at a dining destination.
  • Monthly Destination Drive – a full day trip to a point of interest
  • Cars & Coffee – Saratoga Auto Museum – a casual gathering of car enthusiasts with various makes and models, coffee and donuts and a short group drive.

Driving Matters!


WARNING: Driving with the Upstate Miata Owners Club may be addicting and may lead to an overwhelming desire for sunshine, blue skies, and the open road. Side effects may include elation, lightheadedness, and deferral of common activities of daily living. Drivers with manual transmissions may, in addition, experience left-foot cramping, soreness of the right arm and hand, and neck stiffness following fast driving on winding roads. If you experience elation lasting more than 8 hours, check your fuel gauge. Individuals with a preference for solitary driving or with a lack of passion for driving or for the Mazda MX-5 Miata are advised to avoid engaging in activity with the Upstate Miata Owners Club. Those seeking twisty roads, stimulating destinations, and camaraderie are encouraged to participate. If you have any questions, consult your mechanic.

Driving Matters