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And so the last run of the season took place on October 16, 2016. It was a very leisurely drive through the winding roads that took us around the Great Sacandaga Lake. The first leg was an exhilarating drive up the road to lake Luzerne. A somewhat steep and curvy like no other road we have traveled during the season. A low speed thrill that was a treat all by itself. A stop at the lookout over the Conklingville Dam was a view to behold and then on to the Four Corners Diner in Northville for a fine lunch break. We had thirteen cars and the trip was without any mishaps or miscues. A nice way to end the season. Photos below by Mike Pagnotta, Tom Barton and Bill Ratigan.

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The October 9 run through the South was scenic, lightly spirited  and a bit chilly toward the end.  We had  a more intimate grouping of the squadron with 7 cars attending as seen here at the overlook  on Route 23. Notice the coats and I actually put my top up at this stop. The Mountain View Brasserie was very accommodating and the food was superb. We had our own table which made for great conversation although I need to talk less and eat more. Thanks to Jim Sweeney again for a fantastic route and restaurant.




Saturday the 17th proved to be  a great day for the club on its outing to Weston, Vermont and the Vermont Country Store. The weather was nearly perfect, the roads relatively uncluttered and the scenery beautiful. The destination proved to be quite memorable for some of us as there were a few members who had never been to the Country Store or Weston before. I was delighted to see that some members were packing their trunks with treasures before they left for the drive home.  The store was as eclectic as they come filled with memorable goods from old and new. With one misstep of not finding the New American Grill we all were able to be seated at Bryatts Inn and the food and ambiance were worth the trip alone. The NAG can wait for another trip perhaps next year as we will make this an annual event.  here are some photos of our trip.

We started at the Hannaford at greenwich, NY.


Tom provided photos and sweeper duties, thanks again Tom Barton.


A typical view of the great roads we were traveling.


The parking lot in back of the Vermont Country Store, hardly any dust if you can believe it.


The storefront.


An example of the building types and scenery at the Store.


The amazing antique soda fountain from a time gone by in Bryant’s Inn.



Here is a nice filler shot by Wolfgang taken on the roads up in Thacher Park. I thought this captured the feeling that we have when we drive our awesome Miatas.



On Wednesday August 3rd, we had a wonderful drive through Washington County led by Allison and George Pine. We went up and down and over and round the hills and farms in this beautiful area. 17 cars showed up for the drive and everyone had a wonderful time. We finished at the Ice Cream Man in Greenwich and everyone had a chance to talk about the drive and other activities. Many thanks to George and Allison for leading this drive. Attached are some photos of the Wednesday night group at the Ice Cream Man.

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If any of you would like to lead to drive please let us know and a member of the steering committee will help you put it together and coordinate it. Attached are some photographs from our stop at the ice cream man.


Here are pictures from our drive to Ticonderoga, the ferry ride and back down through Vermont, what a great time we had. Thanks Tom Barton for pics and being the lead. Pics by Tom Barton and Bill Ratigan

Our first stop at the north end of Lake George.


Lunch at the Sentinel Restaurant.WPR_4919a



The ferry loading.WPR_4920aWPR_4921aGuy and Sharon were shoe horned on the ferry. We were at max capacity.WPR_4923aWPR_4924ajpgWPR_4926aOur sage Don.WPR_4927a20160723_135407_006_resized_120160723_135515_resized_120160723_135502_resized_1What a great crew, thanks everyone.20160723_140410_resized_1





Hi Everyone,

We had a great drive on Saturday June 18, over to Lime Rock Park to watch SCCA – Sports Car Club of America Regional Championship Races.  Beautiful weather and an awesome route that everyone loved. There were 6 club member cars and 11 people that went.  There were several classes of vehicles in the races, but almost ½ of the races were all “Spec” Miatas.  They are mostly stock but somewhat modified – just a driver’s seat, roll cage, electrical shutoffs, extinguishing systems, performance intakes / exhaust, stiff suspensions, and racing tires.  It was fascinating and exciting.  The in-field midway – pit area was totally accessible, and we spoke with many drivers and mechanics.  There were all very friendly and informative.  Two of our members had friends that were in the races.  Joe Lang’s son had his picture taken in one of the cars.  We all sat on a gorgeous grassy hillside and had a great view of 3 key turns on the track.  Our personal guide – member Steve Markham took us on a detailed walk of the pits and the overall layout of the property.  Steve, thank you very much for the help.  It’s clear you love the Park.  We also walked over and watched many non-racers driving on the autocross track including a new ND.  It looked like a lot of fun.  We all had and wonderful day.  I hope to go another time. Attached are a few photos we took of the track and the group. Photos by Tom Barton and Guy Demers.

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Thanks to all who joined the Saratoga Winery drive last evening! We had a great turnout – 13 cars and 22 people – along with beautiful weather for the drive and for wine, beer, cheese, and conversation on the patio at the winery. Attached are a couple of pics. I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all!   Shane Pitkin.




A photo by Tom Barton from the Durkeetown Ridge. Our Washington County ride on 4/26/2016.


Photos from the Coffee and Cars Event at the Saratoga Auto Museum.

Sunday May 21, 2016WPR_4600a



Photos from our May 14, 2016 ( Drive to North Creek)

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