Drive Photos 2017

Here are the drive photos for 2017. Newest photos are on top and descend in order of date.

Mount Greylock Three Mountain Run
Photos by Tom Barton, Wolfgang  Kurth, Bill Ratigan
Drivers meeting.
New members.
The top of Petersburg Pass.
The Soldiers Memorial.
Waiting for Parking Authorization, Jody greased the skids.
Inside the memorial.
Truly amazing views.
Summer flowers at there best.
The Bascom Lodge.
Wonderful panorama.
And of course the resting spot at the Water Street Grill thanks to George and Allison Pine.
Jim Sweeney;s Run to Brooks BBQ in Oneonta
Photos by Tom Barton
The Overlook at Thatcher Park, it was truly a beautiful day.
Tom doing double duty, driving and taking pictures.
 Hey we need some more photos from Brooks if anyone has them. See you on the Greylock run.
Mr Bills Run by Tom Barton.
Perfect weather, a great run along the upper Hudson in Washington County and a great view of a hot air balloon passing over head to cap a beautiful ride. Mt Bills of course also did not disappoint. Did anyone else notice we have quite a few red Miatas?
Not sure who the new member is but he could be from Warner Bros.
Quite a lineup at Mr.  Bills
 The Luzerne run to Oscar’s Smokehouse.
We had 17 cars with us today.  it was gorgeous -sunny and comfortable.  very exciting going over the twisty roads on west mountain to lake luzerne.  plus the drive to stony reek and warrensburg along the hudson was breathtaking as usual. our visit to oscars smoke house was enjoyed by all. There was even a couple tire squeals that we that broke the woodland silence.  what a blast!
I have attached some photos from the drive.
I look forward to our next run.  enjoy the beautiful weather.

Pines Run in Washington County.

This run is a perennial favorite ride through some amazing countryside. Thanks to Allison and George for leading this great ride.

George is center and Allison is on the right.

The amazing ND convertible.

Mark and Judy just before our launch.

First Drive of the Season was an awesome success.

Our first run was a modified Brown’s Brewery run which started in Greenwich NY. We had 22 cars even in the rainy conditions. Only one failure because of a flat tire. Thanks Guy and Sharon for lending support to the stricken vehicle. This run is being dedicated to my Dad, US Marine William H. Ratigan. In his memory and the memories of all of our fallen heroes  I am dedicating this as the Wm H Ratigan Memorial Run. 

Our meeting at Hannafords, Greenwich. 22 cars needed two groups two leads and two sweepers.

The covered bridge is always one of the highlights of this drive.

The Big Moose Store had something for everyone and plenty of parking as well.

Some of our signature roadways. We have some of the best around.

Our final destination was brown’s brewery. As always great food and even better atmosphere. What an awesome day. Thanks to everyone who made this run possible. See you on the next one!

Here is the gang at the first meeting of 2017! New faces and new cars and old friends, awesome!

The Adirondack Bar and Grill opened especially for us, they are the best.

The 2017 RF in white on display. Thank you Andre and Matt from Cooley Motors. Isn’t it amazing?

The rare launch edition 1 of 1000 2017 RF in grey from Mr. Bigansky of the SAM is simply exquisite!

Tom Barton fits nicely in the white RF. This car has truly classic lines and will clearly be highly sought after in the years to come.

Mark and Judy and the gang at the tables ready for a nice dinner. The season looks very promising and it was great to see everyone. Zoom Zoom!

Photos by Tom Barton and Bill Ratigan.

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